Circuit Board Hardware
   Arrowhead Mini Dual Locking Support Post

   Board Support Post

   Card Guide

   Circuit Board Guide

   Circuit Board Support on Base

   Circuit Support Post

   Dual Cupped Locking Support Post

   Dual Locking Support Post

   Expansion Grommet

   Hex Circuit Board Support

   Hex Mount Screw Support

   Hex Threaded Standoff

   Key Slot with Locking Bayonet Nose

   Locking Circuit Board Support

   Locking Circuit Board Support Post

   Locking Mini Support Post

   Locking Support Post

   Metric Micro-Threaded Spacer

   Mini Circuit Board Post

   Mini Dual Locking Support Post

   Mini Support Dual Lock

   Miniature Support Post

   Nylon Support Post-Hex Threaded Support

   Push Support Post

   Rivet Locking Support Post

   Round Brass Nylon Insert Lock Spacer

   Round Dual Locking Support Post

   Round Non-Threaded Circuit Board Support Post

   Round Spacer

   Round Threaded Standoff

   Screw Insulator

   Self-Retaining Screw Grommet

   Self-Retaining Support Post

   Sheet Edge Insert

   Spacer Nut

   Stackable Self-Retaining Spacer

   Studded Circuit Board Support

   Support Post

   Threaded Circuit Boar Support

   Vertical Mount Guide

   Vertical Mount Guide Latched

LED Hardware
   Led Spacers

   Metric Led Spacers

   Square Led Spacers

   Automotive Clinch Rivet

   Automotive Door Rivet

   Automotive Door Trim Clip

   Automotive Push Rivet

   Aviation Rivet

   Barbed Push Fasteners

   Barbed Rivet

   Clinch Rivet

   Drive Fastener

   H Type Rivet

   Lock Pin

   Mini Mounting Button

   Mini Tough Snap Rivet

   Mounting Button

   P Type Snap Rivet

   Pawl Lock

   Push Rivet

   Push Turn Rivet

   R Type Fastener

   Screw Rivet

   Snap Latches

   Snap Lock Pin

   Snap Rivet Heat Resistant

   Snap Rivets

   Snap Rivet T Type

   Special H Type Rivet

   Special Rivet

   Special R Type Rivet

   Speed Screw

   Stationery Rivet

   Turn Fastener

   Unscrewing Snap Rivet

   Waterproof Rivet

Screws and Nuts
   Cheese Head Screw (Slotted)

   Countersunk Head Screw (Cross)

   Countersunk Head Screw (Slotted)

   Cross Recessed Oval Head Screw

   Double Retaining Washer

   Kwik Nut Fastener

   Metric Machine Screw

   Motor Screw

   Nylon Washer

   Recessed Oval Head Screw (Slotted)

   Screw Cap and Base

   Slotted and Philips Pan Head Screws

   Slotted Contersunk Oval Head Screw

   Slotted Pan Head Screw

   Socket Head Screw

Feet Damper DL
   Battery Holder

   Big Foot

   Blanking Plugs

   Catch & Striker

   Damper F

   Door Latch

   Dust proof Plugs

   IC Clip

   Lucent Cable support

   Middle Torque Damper

   Open Bushing

   Rivet Feet

   Round Foot

   Snap-in Gear Damper E

   Standard Damper

   Tight Plug

   Vibration Grommet

Cable Ties Accsess
   Adjustable Clip Release Tape

   Arrow Head Wire Saddle

   Arrowhead Cable Tie

   Arrowhead Wire Saddle

   Beaded Tie

   Cable Clamp

   Cable Clamp on Adhesive Base

   Clamp on Adhesive Base

   Cable Clip

   Cupped Cable Tie

   Flat Tie Holder

   Flat Tie Holder Arrowhead

   Flat Tie Holder Blind Hole

   Flat Tie Holder Screw Mount

   Hinged Edge Wire Saddle

   Kurly Lock

   Locking Wire Saddle

   Locking Wire Saddle (Arrowhead)

   Locking Wire Saddle (Butterfly)

   Micro Wire Saddle

   Micro Wire Saddle on Adhesive Base

   Micro Wire Saddle-Arrowhead

   Mini Wire Saddle-Blind Head

   Narrow Wire Saddle

   Optical Fiber Network Saddle

   Plug In Adjustable Clip

   Plug In Locking Clip

   Plug In Routing Clips

   Push-Mount Cable Tie

   Reversed Cable Tie

   Reversed Release Cable Tie

   Round Wire Mount Deklip

   Side Entry curly Lock

   Stand-off Clip

   Stand-off Lock Clip

   Stand-off Twist Lock

   Twist Lock

   Wire Cord Klip

   Wire Harness Clamp

   Wire Saddle Side Entry

Automotive Parts
   Automotive Cable Tie

   Automotive Clinch Rivet

   Automotive Door Rivet

   Automotive Door Trim Clip

   Automotive Grommet

   Automotive Push Rivet

   Barbed Push Fasteners

   Push Turn Rivet

   Unscrewing Snap Rivet

  You are here >>Gecko International Co.>>Company introduction
     Gecko International Co. specializes in manufacturing & distribution of plastic injection mould and plastic fasteners. Standard products are : Circuit Board Hardware, Automotive Fasteners, Rivets, Screws, Washers, Feet, Cable Ties, Motion Control Products, etc. They are lightweight, available in various colors, rust resistant, tensile strength materials, anti-static, fast installation and long life cycle. They can meet the demand of all kinds on precise & micro plastic product standards, with extensive applications and features. Product applications can be varies to electronics, furniture, medical equipments, computer hardware & automotive industry.

     Gecko International Co . has its owned development and mould design team that can assist customer demands, with manufacturing experience for over 20 years in the business, and can design and produce as per customer's requirement.   

     Gecko International Co . gained a good reputation among our valued customers overseas for the value of high quality standards, with a very competitive price in the plastic injection industry, guaranteed fast delivery and satisfying after service,

     Capability : design & mould making, injection molding, assembly, ultra-sonic ,spraying process.

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